San Joaquin, Corozal, Belize
Small Farm Sold: SJQ02

SOLD - ORGANIC FARM: 17 ACRE ORGANIC FRUIT AND VEGETABLE FARM. San Joaquin, Corozal, Belize. For the last four years, Daryl & Thelma Disch have toiled in the soil to create their organic farm. Originally the site of 3 Mayan homesteads on an ancient flood plain, the land is level with slight drainage to the southwest corner of the property. Four acres still remain as 'bush' -- flocks of green parrots make their home in the trees.

A 20'x12' concrete house on 28'x20' concrete pad was recently completed. There is a covered porch across the west side. Storm/security shutters, screened windows. Floor joists have been laid for a second story. Galvanised roof in place over lower story, so house is useable and weather-tight. A rain gutter collects water in a 750-gallon galvanised tank. This structure was built with the weight of an upper story in mind, so this small cottage can easily be expanded to a 2- or 3-bedroom home.

The cottage has a fenced-in yard with pedestrian and vehicle gates. The yard has been landscaped with shade trees, ornamental flowers, shrubs, and fruit trees including cashew, citrus, mulberry, and more. There are also fenced-in pens for chickens and small livestock with good drainage, nice shade, and close to the well.

The fields were originally used for growing sugar cane the old-fashioned way -- by hand. No pesticides or herbicides were used by the original farmer (now 92 years old) who chopped weeds by hand. The land has since been cultivated further by Daryl & Thelma over the last four years. Every effort has been made to choose plants and crops that rejuvenate the soil. Bio-dynamic "tea" was applied to acreage around the house (about 3 acres) with excellent results. The operation is 100% organic with fresh potable well water on the property. A clean, airy, sweet-smelling outhouse is close to the main house.

The Watchman's House is an 8'x12' wooden structure on concrete pad with galvanised roof. Built-in bunk, cooking area, tool storage, shade trees, close to well (drinkable water). The caretaker is willing to stay on if needed.

Four years ago, half of the canefield was ploughed and planted with orange, grapefruit, lime, cashew, neem (natural pesticide), banana and plantain (several varieties), coconuts, anona. Also grew peanuts, cabbages, potatoes, corn, tomatoes, eggplant, okra. In 2001, planted hundreds of other trees: leucaena (nitrogen fixers), starfruit, mango and avocado (several varieties of each), tamarind, plums, cherry, tangerine, Washington and Seville oranges, pineapples, zericote, wax apples. Ornamental shrubs, passion fruit vines and flowers established in house yard.

In 2003, the remaining cane was ploughed under, the ground levelled, and all open areas cultivated. Improved drainage and improved tree-bordered driveway to house. Chopped areas of bush to improve access and aesthetics. Two acres currently in blue corn, and there are a few small vegetable plots.

The property is located 1/4 mile from the Village of San Joaquin, Corozal, Belize, half a mile from the Northern Highway, and five miles south of Corozal Town. The land is titled in the owner's name, for agricultural use.
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Daryl and Thelma Disch
San Joaquin Village
Corozal, Belize
Central America

Sale Price: US$ 40,000
Terms: Cash

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